Providing the blind with “vision” for the future as well as improving and empowering the lives of individuals with disabilities in the society by creating disability awareness.

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By Danjuma Cooper

Now Contracted with Goodwill!

The Disability Awareness Experts, as of February of 2016, are now contracted with Goodwill as Employment Specialists - enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilties through employment opportunities.

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By Danjuma Cooper

The Disability Awareness Experts

the company is focused is the blind and visually impaired, largely due to the fact that this disabled population is grossly underrepresented and in need for employment opportunity enhancement.

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By Danjuma Cooper

The Disability Awareness Experts

are going into production in July on a film documentary outlining disability Discrimination in the Workplace.

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"Mr. Cooper has truly put his heart in to his work with me in developing a professional resume and helping me to prepare not only my resume but my mind set in order to get a job. I have only met with Mr. Cooper two times, but both times he has given it his all."

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DANJUMA COOPER : Independent consultant

The area of my expertise will be rehabilitation, disability awareness, ADA legislation and federal compliance with regard to equal employment opportunities, and fair hiring practices for individuals with disabilities.

Form of business

The form of business will be offering consultant services such as an independent consultant to disadvantaged people in the society on how to live, make money, and save. I will also offer services to the companies by educating them the important and need of hiring individuals with disabilities. This kind requires little capital to start, and it also


Since it is a single-based business, it does not require many requirements.


Since the business is single-based or proprietorship, decision is made easily because I will be the one who will make prompt decisions. It does not involve many matters, but only offering consultant services.


There will be less risks or the risks involved in the business will be experienced may be less due to the nature of the business. Furthermore, expanding of the business will be easy due to less risks.


Though the consultant business is a start-up business, there is a high possibility of growth and expansion because of the need to educate people of the need and importance of hiring individuals with disabilities.


The name of the business is The Disability Awareness Experts. The group in which the company is focused is the blind and visually impaired, largely due to the fact that this disabled population is grossly underrepresented and in need for employment opportunity enhancement. However, it should be noted that the services that will be offered by The Disability Awareness Experts can be effectively utilized and benefited from any individual with disability requiring a need for advocacy or training relating to employment development and any business requiring consultation regarding hiring and employment of individuals with disability not involving that of blind or visually impaired in particular.

Why this business ?

The reason for starting this type of business is to market the concept that there is a need for people to understand the importance of offering employment to individuals with disabilities, and the need for equal employment opportunities. There is need for businesses to know the benefits of hiring individual with disabilities, and understanding the ADA legislation, and federal compliance with regard to equal employment opportunities. The benefits of this business is to educate business or companies the benefits of including disabled people as their employees or hire disadvantaged people in the society. The business shall also strife to offer a variety of nutritious services to various customers. The services will be designed with features such as the low prices, and offering free services to woo and maintain customers. The services pricing will also be relatively low as compared to those of the competitors. The business shall contribute to the community in terms of providing employment opportunities to some individual with disabilities.

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What type of business we offer ?

consultancy services

It will involve opening a private consultancy firm because I am a licensed counselor. My expertise includes rehabilitation, creating disability awareness, and the need for companies to hire individuals with disabilities. The others include informing the disabled people about their rights, and federal and ADA law. In addition, to educating businesses about the above mentioned I am endeavoring to educate businesses about how they hiring individuals with disabilities can make and save them money. The business will be a start up that will be steered by the contribution from the public or borrowings towards raising the initial capital and resources for start up and growth.

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